Protect Your Home From Hurricane Damage

The most basic panels are the infamous plywood panels seen on most all broadcast being put up at the last minute. Though better than no protection at all there are risks associated one being lack of materials as a storm approaches. Rather than be subject to the possibility of not having supplies there are several types of panels that are easy to store and put up when needed.

At American Sliding Door we offer two types of panels metal panels and Armorscreen panels. We have been installing and maintaining both types for over 10 years and we are an authorized dealer for Armorscreen the flexible but strong panels that roll up and are easily stored after the storm.

Of course if an evacuation order is given by your local, state, get out as soon as possible even if it is "only a category 1" hurricane because there is also storm surge. Nothing like being prepared for what ever the scenario the links below give great advice and instruction on how to be prepared.

Hurricane Protection
NOAA Hurricane Preparedness Information
Hurricane Safety
Miami Dade