Sliding Door Repair in Tampa, FL

Since 2002, American Sliding Door has provided affordable door and sliding glass door replacement, sliding door repair and sliding glass door installation for commercial and residential customers throughout Tampa, Lutz, Carrollwood, Westchase, Lakeland, and Citrus Park Florida communities. We have grown by providing quality on time service that has been recognized by the great reviews we get from customers, the Better Business Bureau, Angie's List and Home Advisor. Our mobile service vans are well stocked so that we can get the door repaired, replaced or installed on the first call.

We proudly carry a State Certified General Contractors license, $50,000 construction completion bond, $2,000,000 liability insurance policy and workers compensation insurance. We are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business Member with an A+ rating. We are also Home Advisor screened and Approved with very high reviews. Thank you for your interest in our products and services.

Sliding Door beside benches — American Sliding Door Repair in Tampa Bay
Roller Repair
Our technicians are some of the best in the business when it comes to repairing most sliding doors. We have a large selection of rollers on hand to fit almost any door. Our service package includes replacement of rollers, properly aligning panels and locks so that they are as close to manufacturers specifications as possible and cleaning tracks. In cases where there is bottom track damage, there are a couple of options available.

Track Saver
If track bead has waives, divots, or dents because of worn out rollers. We install a stainless steel C cap over top of the damaged bead, filing in the divots with silicon and proving a smooth dent resistant surface for the door to roll on.

Track Replacement
If the track bead is damaged too severely for a track saver, track replacement is the only solution, besides a new door. We remove the panels from the opening, pull up the old track, loosen and pull the side jambs from the wall. We then apply a waterproofing adhesive in the corners and under the new track, fasten down new track with galvanized tapcons into concrete slab. Reattach side jambs, caulk inside and out and replace rollers at a discounted price from our normal repair cost.
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Water proofing pan
If existing track is leaking causing damage to interior flooring and drywall, we install a new track as said in “Track Replacement”. A thin metal pan is then installed under track, which is glued down with a water proofing material, and then the track is glued to the pan. No screws are installed as to not penetrate the pan and water proofing material.

Glass replacement
Prices vary per size of glass. We will remove panel from the opening, clean the rubber glazing that holds the glass in the frame, and we will then pull the panel apart, and rebuild the panel around the new piece of glass. Replace panel back in opening and replace rollers at a discounted price from our normal repair cost. If broken glass is not cleaned up, there is an additional fee not included in the glass price.


If the side rails are pulling away from the glass or the rubber that surrounds the glass is brittle due to age and weather, we will remove the panel from the opening, disassemble frame from the glass replace or reattach rubber glazing, then rebuild frame and reinstall door. If the frame is pulling away from the glass, it may be due to excessive force in opening and closing of the doors. If this is the case, roller replacement is necessary in order to obtain our warranty.

Sliding Glass Door Cut Down
If the header of the opening has dropped in the middle (header sag) and the doors are binding and not opening, there are two options. 1) A new door or 2) we would have to order new glass (1/8” to ½” shorter) and disassemble the frame, cut the sides down, and rebuild panels with new glass. Because of the extended amount of time it takes the header sag to occurs, rollers in the door will most likely need to be replaced.

Sliding Glass Door Locks and Handles
We offer aftermarket security locks and handles to provide customers with various security options, as well as ease of use.

Interior Pocket Door

Roller Repair
Tech will remove door and existing rollers from the opening. Trim may be removed if necessary, will be reinstalled after door is back in, and working properly.

Track Replacement
If the “C” track is damaged or home is older than 20 years (therefore having a “J” style track, which is no longer used). Then removal and replacement of track is necessary. American Sliding Door has designed a special tool that allows us to pull the track without cutting a hole in the drywall. We then install a new “C” track and rollers as per Roller Repair.

Cut Down
If the door slab is rubbing on newly installed tile or carpet, we can remove the slab, cut it down, and then reinstall slab to provide resistance free operation.